• erinmetrinko

      I find chalk paint wayyy easier to work with- you can thin it out if needed with water and you can sand out brush strokes when you are finished if you prefer. It also dries much faster than latex and has very little if any odor.

  1. Amy Woerner

    Excited to see you bring this next piece back to life! I know you’ll do a beautiful job! So proud of you, and excited for you!

  2. Elizabeth

    Erin, this is so awesome!! I LOVE looking at your pieces and have gotten some really great ideas that I’m trying in my home. Go girl!!!

  3. Krista

    You are inspiring me! I can’t wait to see your step by step. I have my eye on giving James’ old desk some new life so Daniel can use it! I am so proud of you for taking this leap! Exciting things ahead!

  4. Kelly Marsh

    Hey Erin – I love your blog! I can’t wait to see what other items you have salvaged and restored to beautiful. I dabbled in painting furniture for the beach house this summer and had some success as well. Quick question: What is your favorite type of brush to use when using chalk paint?

    BTW- I never got the hang of the wax either, and I watched a lot of videos as well! Thanks for your suggestion!

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